Dutch Digital Economy Worth €182 Billion

On behalf of Nederland ICT, The METISfiles recently researched and analyzed the size and growth of the Dutch digital workforce and its associated value add to the Dutch economy. The study shows that 1,57 million people in the Netherlands use ICT for more than 50% of their working hours to execute their primary business tasks. These employees can be regarded as the Dutch Digital workforce. Their 2016 share in the total Dutch workforce is 21% ( up from 17% in 2013) and is expected to increase to 26% by 2021.

Bron: The METISfiles, november 2017


Using Leontief’s  input-output model the direct, indirect and induced effect of the digital workforce can be calculated. The outcome shows that almost 42% of the total Dutch workforce (or 3.1 million jobs) is the result of the combined direct, indirect and induced impact of ICT.

The value add generated by the digital workforce amounts to € 182 billion (up from € 129 billion in 2013). In other words: Dutch Gross Digital Domestic Product (GDDP) amounts to 29% of GDP.

Bron: The METISfiles, november 2017


The GDDP per sector differs strongly: financial services’ digital value add is 90% while the digital value add in the healthcare sector is just 10%. At the same time these differences also show the digital opportunity for each sector. Moreover, there is much more digital opportunity left in healthcare than in financial services. As digital transformation is both deepening and broadening we expect sectors such as education, healthcare, construction, industry and agriculture to pick up the pace of digital innovation. Especially since evolving technologies such as IoT, 3D printing, machine learning, AI, robotics, block chain, virtual and augmented reality, offer ample opportunity for these sectors to digitally reshape en reinvent their core business to remain relevant for the Dutch economy.

For more details on the Dutch Digital Economy, the Dutch Digital Workforce, and Dutch Digital Intensity check the website of Nederland ICT. The report can be downloaded here.